The snow is still falling (and we’re enjoying it!), but our thoughts are always on the summer and how to create the best experience for our valued guests. One of the most important ways we do that is to hire outstanding guides and staff.

Hells Canyon Raft is hiring experienced river guides, inexperienced river guides and CDL drivers for the summer season. Our company offers multi-day river rafting trips in Idaho through Hells Canyon on the Snake River and on the Salmon River.

The job of a river guide on multi-day trips is exciting and broad. You wear many hats, but this means the job is never boring. This is definitely not a punch-the-clock desk job. You are caretaker, chef, whitewater navigator, entertainer, weather forecaster, safety officer, teacher, historian, nature guide, and general wrangler of people and things. Sounds like a good time, right?! We think so!

The job requires hard work, (often) long hours, and a dedication to your craft, but the rewards are never-ending. You get to sleep under the stars, play in the rapids, meet and connect with dozens of new people, and truly change lives. 

Hells Canyon Raft has been a family-owned company for over 40 years, and this extends to each and every one of our employees. Within our company culture, we look at our team as one big family. We rely on one another and take care of each other. This relationship is a two-way street, so we hire people that embrace this idea.

Our river guides and staff come from diverse backgrounds. We have schoolteachers, chemists, coaches, world travelers, rocket scientists, and year-round guides. Most have spent many years devoted to the outdoor lifestyle in one way or another – or have realized they want to in the future. We think this diversity brings depth to our staff and to our guest experience, and we love to learn from one another. Read about some of our guides here.

Our river guides are all ages, from 18 to 65, both men and women, and from small to large in stature. In our opinion, your size does not equal your strength, your whitewater agility, or your ability to guide a phenomenal trip.

So what truly makes a good Hells Canyon Raft river guide?

Here’s what we’re looking for. If this is you, apply to join the HCR team.

A love of nature and rivers:

First and foremost, the one thing all of our river guides have in common is a love for nature and the outdoors and the desire to share that with others. A river guide spends days on end outside – and revels in it!

A great storyteller:

Our guides spend a lot of time sharing the history and meaning of the river canyons we travel. You don’t have to be a professional orator, but can you carry on a lively conversation with the guests on your raft? Can you connect with others and share the stories behind the beautiful places we visit?

An ability to fish – or a willingness to learn:

Both Hells Canyon of the Snake River and the Salmon River are known for their prolific fishing, so this activity is typically a big part of our trips. From dedicated anglers to families and children that bond over the rod and reel, you’ll need to engage with the guests in their fishing experience. If you don’t know much about fishing, you just have to be interested in learning.

A hard worker:

We don’t sugar-coat it: the life of a river guide can be demanding, and a good river guide is always ready to jump in and work hard. You’re up before the sun to brew the coffee, you’re available day and night for your guests, your days are physically demanding, and you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. From rigging boats to packing coolers, and from cooking to rowing your boat all day, the days are full. But this work is also deeply fulfilling and fun!

A team player:

As we said, we are a family-oriented company with a team-based approach. We support each other and you must be willing to both help your teammates and rely on them. Our two daughters are an important part of the team as well – they’ve grown up on the river and know a thing or two about putting on a good trip. And one last requirement: you must love our dog, Paco!

If these requirements float your boat, it’s likely that you’re a great fit for us. We’d love to chat further.

We are currently hiring:

  • Experienced river guides
  • Inexperienced river guides (we’ll train you if you’re the right fit for HCR)
  • Drivers with a CDL

We are hiring guides and drivers who are able to work May through September and we currently have both full-time and part-time positions available. Pay is decided upon evaluation based on experience and other factors.

The river company lifestyle is fun, rewarding and addicting. It’s hard work with lots of play, laughter and sunshine. Are you ready to be part of our family?

Find out more and apply here.





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