Hells Canyon Raft Reviews

There are dream trips, getaways, pampered trips, adventure, educational, hands-on, gastronomic, and probably a whole bunch more kinds of trips. But how many trips can boast all of these dimensions, and all without having to worry about your safety, comfort and whether your hair looks okay. Our trip with you guys fulfilled all of this and more. And NO MOSQUITOES!!!!!! That alone was worth the air trip.
Denene, Vermont

When my 12 year old grabbed my hand, as we looked up at the stars that night, and said Thank you Mom, I knew this was a life-changing experience.
Janine, California

Next is to Thank you to you and your team for making this adventure come to life! Just a little about me and my boys (17 and 9 years old)…camping for me is sleeping with the windows open and hearing the birds! I am a resort vacationer but enjoy the water immensely but camping?? Never! With that said however the fact that I said to my entire family every day “this was my favorite day” is a tribute to all of you. Truly every day was my favorite day for very different reasons. Sleeping literally outside with the stars WOW!
Lisa, Illinois

I am not even sure where to begin about our trip. I will share that ,our 7 year old daughter, has never camped and I hadn’t camped in about 18 years. So going into the trip I was nervous and apprehensive but chose to do this to get me a bit out of my comfort zone and to find something for my daughter and I to do that we could remember forever. To say that it exceeded our expectations would be a massive understatement.

From the constant emails and questions that Kurt and Heidi answered relentlessly (most of which were fairly ridiculous questions) to the follow up emails after we got home and everything in between was stellar. The beauty of the trip and of the river and canyons. We were in awe each day of what we saw. The amazing white sand beaches and the warm river, the wildlife and everything was truly breathtaking. Now to your company and most importantly the unbelievable 4 individuals who took care of us for 4 days…..

The campsites were gorgeous, great tents and fresh smelling sleeping bags that were waiting for us when we arrived. The food…good lord….the food. It was all so delicious. I have a kiddo who is not so food adventurous so this was the area I was a bit worried about. She gobbled up everything served to her and we were blown away by what the guides could create each morning, noon and night. Needless to say we were continually stuffed. Most anything we needed we were able to find or be given and it was just so decadent at times.

The guides brought a unique experience to the trip that was so valued. They also had many things in common…..they were always very calm and confident.  They made the trip….truly. I can’t say enough good things about them. They have some amazing employees there and I think it is what must set this company apart from the others.

Alethia W., Seattle, Washington

About the Guides: I’m sure you hear it all the time. But here it is again. The guides made the whole trip what it was. They are like deep flavor in an meal, adding a mood and tone to the whole adventure. They were the colors and the music and the breeze.
Heidi, Michigan

Ginger and I loved our trip with Hells Canyon Raft; it was quite an experience that we definitely will repeat. We met some great people who we now call friends, and your crew was the best part.
Ed, Idaho

WOW, I cannot say enough good things about Hells Canyon Raft—they DELIVER!!! My wife and I just finished a 3 day, 2 night, raft trip on the Snake River and had a WONDERFUL experience. They exceeded our expectations! The river-guide team of Patrick, Ilene, Court and Scott were absolutely terrific; an experienced and balanced group that knows how to make the river trip fun and safe. From the moment we met the team and got on the river we knew we were in good hands. Lunches on the river were very tasty, dinners were amazing gourmet productions prepared on camp stoves and in dutch ovens, baked trout on evening one and ribeye steaks on evening two. Breakfasts were scrumptious; the first morning’s included blueberry and riccotta pancakes—–mmmmm good! The guides were very knowledgeable and worked very hard(long days) to make our experience the best it could be. And what an experience it was! You are in the middle of “by God nowhere”, absolutely awe inspiring scenery, and thrilling class 3 & 4 rapids. Sharon and I opted for the paddle raft for the first 2 days. We had a BLAST!!!! Now we had done day-trip rafting before, but this three-day expedition was just incredible. We saw lots of wildlife and the guide team landed an 8 ft sturgeon—catch and release of course, but still a wonder to behold. Did I mention the stars at night were absolutely breathtaking. I congratulate Heidi & Kurt, the owners of Hells Canyon Raft for running a first class operation and would recommend them to anyone.
Tony S., Portland, Oregon

From the moment I first met your team, I was greeted with a smile, taken care of with great attention to detail, given through explanations about procedure and safety, and then told fascination tales about the river and its magical history. Their generosity and good spirit made all of us feel that we’d made real friends with whom we could be ourselves – in comfort and ease.
-Karen, Utah

Incredible, breathtaking, the most magical place on earth. I wasn’t sure how this vacation would stack up to others, but after spending 6 days in that canyon it was without a doubt the best vacation of my life. I wouldn’t be saying that were it not for our fabulous guides. If you are thinking about taking this trip do it. Whether you love being outdoors or love air conditioning and email like myself you will love this trip. Thanks everyone for great food, fun, family, and friends.
Holly, Texas

What really made the trip special was the way everyone from HCR treated us, especially you two. I really felt like I met some great friends.
Rich, Florida

Our family of five went on the 5-day trip in August 2014. We have three girls – ages 11,8, and 7. It was a perfect family adventure that the full family agreed was one of the best vacations we have ever experienced. The food was incredible – not just incredible by camping standards….but incredible if you were in a 5-star restaurant. My kids still rave about the desserts.

Kurt and Heidi run a fabulous rafting operation and only hire top-notch guides that are incredibly knowledgeable about the canyon……and are just great people. All of the guides were role-models that our girls paid attention to, and I truly hope our daughters retain what they learned from the guides – life lessons.

We will be doing this trip again – and a 5 day trip was great for us. None of us were ready to get off the raft.

Karen G., Indianapolis, Indiana

I took my 70-year old Father on a Hells Canyon rafting trip with this firm. I cannot recommend highly enough. I have never left a review on any trip site previously, but I felt compelled after the experience we had with Hells Canyon Raft.

The canyon: The rafting adventure was some of the best I have experienced. The rapids were plentiful and exciting. The rafts were comfortable and we could chose from riding in a raft, oar paddling, or kayaking. So we could chose our own adventure with how to experience the canyon.

The guides: We had four guides to eleven guests on the trip. This meant that we had plenty of room on the rafts and plenty of assistance during camping. The guides each had tremendous service ethic and ensured that our every need was accommodated. They had tremendous knowledge about the canyon and could share stories of past pioneers, nature, and history of the region. The guides truly made the trip. All were very helpful in ensuring my Dad was supported & safe during the trip.

I would highly recommend this firm for family trips… outdoor adventuring… and those who want to be out and just experiencing nature.

Michael W., Redmond, Washington