What if you could find something to make everyone jump up and down and whoop with sheer joy? This year, make your holiday extra bright with the gift of adventure.

Consider giving your loved ones an overnight whitewater rafting trip with Hells Canyon Raft. It’s a gift of quality connected time, of wonder and discovery, of stunning beauty and thrilling new experiences.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Let yourself fast-forward to better times next Spring or Summer. Aren’t you ready for a family trip filled with joy, laughter, relaxation and adventure? A trip of delicious food prepared riverside for you, of games in the sand, of nonstop smiles, and of fireside chats with a million stars overhead. A trip where you truly get away from it all.

Imagine their faces when you tell them you’re all going on an overnight whitewater rafting trip in Idaho down the legendary Snake or Salmon River. When you give your family this totally unique gift, it will undoubtedly earn you the title of “Best Gift-Giver Ever.” You know you want that prestigious honor!  Seriously, you will be the family hero.

With the holidays quickly approaching, and exhaustion at an all-time high, consider booking a trip with us at Hells Canyon Raft.  Not only is it the best gift we can think of, but it makes your shopping easy and fun – and done.

We make it simple for you. Read about our Hells Canyon Raft trips and our Salmon River rafting trips to find out which might be best for you. Call us today and tell us about the experience you are seeking. We’ll help you find the perfect trip. Our personalized service is what sets us apart, from the moment we first talk on the phone to the very end of your multi-day river trip. But don’t just take our word for it, read some of our Idaho rafting trip reviews!

Another idea we love is a custom, private rafting trip for your friends and family. This allows you to have the entire trip to yourselves and catered to you from start to finish: guides, gear, boats, and transportation. If this gives you a little more peace of mind, let’s talk about how we can set it up for you.

Whatever your circumstances, this has been a trying several months (we know, understatement of the year). One of the most valuable things we’ve learned is that quality time with family and friends is among the most treasured things we have.

What if you and your family had something magical to look forward to next Spring or Summer? It’s time to put our faith in next year – to bigger, better, brighter, and to connect with actual humans.  Concerned about needing to cancel?  We are a small business with limited availability.  We strongly recommend purchasing trip insurance.  We recommend you purchase insurance the time you book your trip.  There is affordable travel insurance available with Travelex.  Click here for more information.

Book soon! Right now is also when you’ll find the most selection for open dates. Departures are limited and they fill up quickly, so act fast to get the date and trip you want.

We can’t wait to inspire you with why we think the gift of adventure is the very best gift. Call us today to get your shopping done and earn that “Best Gift-Giver Ever” title. You won’t regret it.



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