Rafting Hells Canyon, A Snake River Whitewater Trip

The Armacost Family has been running the best Hells Canyon river trips for over 31 years. Our unparalleled service, attention to detail, high end equipment and veteran guides make us the leaders.  Every turn of the river has a story, which we are happy to tell making your trip more meaningful and memorable.  Our river guides are friendly, and fun not to mention professional in every aspect of their work. They lead you to many sights in Hells Canyon, taking you to see ancient rock art and old homesteader cabins, lead amazing hikes, and help you catch the “big one.”

We send a cargo boat ahead each day to set up a safari style camp. Instead of spending time setting up your tent, you can be hiking, relaxing or teaching your child to fish. Simply put we are the leaders in Idaho rafting for full service, the best equipment, and experienced river guides.  We have operated solely in Hells Canyon Since 1982.  Let us show you a real Hells Canyon Raft experience.

Nez Pearce Indian legend claims “Coyote dug Hells Canyon with a big stick to protect their ancestors.  Where the Snake River heads north and forms the border between Idaho and Oregon, it forms Hells Canyon, The Deepest Gorge in North America. Rugged rock walls and grassy slopes rise from the water, as you delve into the surging whitewater while it pulses through Hells Canyon. Where boulders and rock slides have rolled into the river, we find the biggest rapids in the Pacific North west.  “Our Hells Canyon rafting trips are journeys through a land rich in myth and geologic wonder.”

Between rapids, the Snake River follows a scenic path: there we encounter Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, mountain goats, deer, or elk. Kick back and look toward the horizon to spot a circling eagle or hawk. The hiking is spectacular; with trails located on both sides of the river and up several of the side creeks. Fantastic swimming in the 72 degree water, excellent fishing for trout, bass, and maybe even a 10′ white sturgeon, idyllic campsites under the stars at night, and breathtaking vistas make this a river voyage you will never forget.