Why NOW is the Best Time to Book Your Summer Raft Trip

For those who love the outdoors, winter definitely has its charms. But let’s be honest, after week upon week of chilly temperatures and short, often gray days, we’re all ready to do some sunshine daydreaming.

PICTURE IT: Long, warm days, spent barefoot on the sandy beach or splashing through the warm water. Exploring new places under impossibly blue skies. The soothing sounds of rushing water as the sun’s warm rays touch your skin.

Luckily, there are steps you can take, right now, even in the depths of winter, to turn those sunshine daydreams into reality.

Top of the list? Book a rafting adventure with Hells Canyon Raft! But…how? And…now?

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our popular Lower Salmon and Hells Canyon Raft adventures:

 How do I choose the best raft trip for my family?

There are several things you’ll want to consider when planning a raft trip for your family. The two biggest are: 1. Which stretch? and, 2.) How long?

Hells Canyon Raft operates on two spectacular stretches of Idaho rivers, the Salmon and on the Snake River through Hells Canyon. Each stretch has its particular charms.

As for how long, ANY amount of time you can get on the river is time well spent. It’s a natural escape from the daily grind. The longer the trip, the more time you’ll have to disconnect from stress and re-connect with family, friends and nature.

Regardless of the location or length of trip you choose, on ALL trips you’ll benefit from:

  • Our knowledgeable and fun-loving guides
  • Stunning natural scenery
  • Hearty, fresh, made-from-scratch meals prepared riverside – and there’s always a Dutch Oven dessert!
  • Ancient rock art and pictographs
  • Historic sites along the route
  • Side hikes (if you choose)
  • Comfortable camping amenities, such as thick sleeping pads and having your tent put up and taken down for you each day

Here is a description of the different options for the Hells Canyon Snake River stretch

On the Salmon River, we offer both 4-Day and 5-Day options. Click the ‘itinerary’ tab on either of these pages to get a feel for the flow of the trips:

Four-Day Lower Salmon Trip

Five-Day Lower Salmon Trip

Still not sure? We’re happy to help guide your decision. Contact us at 208-634-6366 or [email protected].  We can chat about the needs, interests and capabilities of your group members to help find the best trip option for you!

 WHEN should I book my Raft Trip? Is it too late to book for this summer?

Absolutely not. Now is prime time to book for those who want to go during the warmest summer months. July trips are filling quickly, and August trips are booking too. But don’t count out September, either. It’s one of our FAVORITE months on the river.

AUGUST: While July trips fill up first because it’s prime vacation time for those with kids, there are actually several advantages to an August adventure. The water is warmer, and there’s still TONS of daylight. Fresh garden tomatoes, herbs and mounds of greenhouse treasures and berries are in your made-from-scratch meals. Fishing is good and rapids are great.

SEPTEMBER: Why do we love September so much? Top of the list: Temperatures. The water is WARM, but the nights are COOL. That means you can frolic comfortably all day, and sleep comfortably all night. The river levels are still plenty high for great rapids, but the sandy beaches are bigger. That means more space to camp, eat and play at each stop. Unlike some other river destinations, Hells Canyon never gets too low to enjoy all the trip has to offer. Crowds dwindle. Fishing is OFF THE CHARTS good. Trout that were 12” in June are now 16”-18”, the small mouth bass are delightfully plump, and you can easily catch 50 or more in a day, and enjoy ‘river-to-table’ fish tacos or other fresh caught delights.

Follow this link to learn more of The Best Things About Each Month of Rafting Season 

Will there be people on my trip I don’t know?

If you book a private trip, you’ll be surrounded by ONLY those in your group. If you book a standard public trip, we use careful consideration to match up the groups within a group. That means you can rest assured that your family trip won’t get combined with a bachelor party. That’s just part of the personal touch you get with Hells Canyon Raft.

That said, most everyone who books a river trip is pretty darn cool, and you’re likely to meet some really great, adventure-loving people! We take up to 19 people on a Snake River Trip and up to 24 people on Salmon River adventures.

If the thought of getting away with just YOUR crew is appealing to you, you’ll want to check out our Charter Trips and trips for Private Groups.

We also offer specialty trips  for those interested in Fishing, Chukar hunting or mixing in regular yoga sessions to their river time.

What happens if my plans change?

These can be nerve-wracking times to plan a vacation, but our team is working hard to give you extra confidence in booking your plans. We are proud to share that Hells Canyon Raft has been a COVID-free company for two full years! You can view our COVID Policy here.  We hope to stay that way, but for many reasons, we do recommend purchasing travel insurance for your trip.

Ready to book?

CONTACT US – and turn your sunshine daydream fantasies into real vacation plans you can look forward to through the rest of the winter months!



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