You are thinking about a Hells Canyon river trip (great decision!) but you’re not sure whether to book our 3-, 4-, or 5-day rafting trip?

Here’s our take on it: any amount of time you can get on the river is an exceptional experience. Each moment of river time brings you more connected with family, friends and nature and further disconnected from stress and screens. On the river, you’ll have the opportunity to truly relax and leave behind the daily grind.

On a Hells Canyon rafting trip, our daily grind looks like fun and laughter, splashy whitewater rapids, delicious meals served riverside, and white sand beaches. It sounds like the spiral call of the canyon wren, the soft roar of the river lulling you to sleep and whispering at night while you gaze at a million stars.

Regardless of which length trip you choose, on all Hells Canyon Raft trips you’ll experience:

  • Our professional and passionate guides
  • Stunning natural scenery in the deepest gorge in North America
  • Hearty, fresh, made-from-scratch meals prepared for you by our guides and enjoyed riverside – and there’s always a Dutch Oven dessert!
  • Ancient rock art and pictographs
  • Historic sites such as Barton Family Homestead, Barnard Creek, and Kirkwood Historic Ranch
  • Side hikes (if you want)
  • Comfortable camping amenities, such as thick sleeping pads and having your tent put up and taken down for you each day


Hells Canyon – 34 Miles

3 Days: May-September

4 Days: June-September

Our 34-mile trip can be run in 3 or 4 days. This Hells Canyon rafting trip takes you through the deepest part of the canyon with many of the whitewater rapids. This trip offers a great introduction to overnight rafting.

The 3-day trip makes for a perfect long weekend getaway. We offer the 3-day trip from late May through September. The 3-day is great for those on a tighter schedule. It’s also perfect if you want a more introductory taste of multi-day rafting and camping or for those who may have a harder time physically with a longer trip. Just because it’s shorter, though, doesn’t mean it is any less life-changing. We promise.

The 4-day, 34-mile trip, available late June through September, goes at a bit of a slower pace with an extra day in the schedule. This allows for more time spent lounging and playing at camp or fishing, longer hikes, leisurely lunches, and a few more stops along the way to enjoy the canyon.

Hells Canyon – 81 Miles

4 Days: Mid May-Mid June

5 Days: May-September

Our longer Hells Canyon rafting trip covers 81 miles. Compared to the 34-mile trip, you’ll see the full gorge – including miles of additional whitewater rapids and majestic canyon walls. You’ll pass the impressive confluence of the mighty Snake and Salmon rivers and you’ll find yourself deeper into “river time” – the ultimate relaxation mode. If it’s the right fit for your group, extra nights on the river can’t be beat.

The 81-mile trip is typically run in 5 days but can be done in 4 days during higher water levels in May and June. More water means we move faster down the river. The 4-day, 81-mile trip is an exceptional way to see the whole canyon without committing to the longer trip time frame. Don’t worry, we still hit all the good stuff on this quicker trip, such as side hikes, pictographs and historic homesteads. Any trip in the Spring months of May and June – whether it’s 3, 4 or 5 days – offers a lush and vibrant canyon with new growth, spring flowers and wildlife with babies in tow.

The 5 Day, 81-mile trip offers a great pace to get to know our beloved Hells Canyon. You’ll have the same experience as the 4-day but with more time for pure fun, whether that’s catching a dozen fish, hiking, playing games on football-field-sized beaches or just relaxing and connecting.

The minimum age on all of our Hells Canyon rafting trips is 7 years, although it may increase to 10 during early season high water in May or part of June.

For more detailed itineraries, please see all of our specific Hells Canyon trip descriptions. Or give us a call and chat with us. We’d love to help you figure out the perfect trip for you and your loved ones.


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