Going on a family camping trip always sounds like a great idea. Getting away from it all, bonding, the great outdoors, s’mores under the stars. That is, until you have to actually prepare for the trip. You have to sort through all of your gear, buy the equipment you forgot you needed, get the food planned, purchased and prepped, round up every toy the kids need, and then load everything up in the car like a Tetris game. By the time you’re done, everyone’s cranky and you just want to go into the house and turn all the screens back on. It feels like way too much work, doesn’t it?

Let’s take a minute to imagine something a little different. What if instead of all that chaos and stress you could just pack a few personal belongings, take a scenic drive to central Idaho, and jump on the trip of a lifetime with Hells Canyon Raft? An overnight whitewater rafting trip that was fully planned and loaded for you, meals cooked and served to you, adventure and fun at your beckon call. A trip the kids will thank you for taking them on. All without having to do any stressful preparation.

This summer is the perfect time to explore and vacation a little closer to home, and the best family trip is an overnight whitewater rafting trip on the Salmon River or through Hells Canyon on the Snake River.

On a family rafting trip with us, you’ll unplug from busyness and rediscover deep connection with your loved ones. And we’ll do all the prep work and take care of each day’s itinerary. Our top priorities are your entertainment, safety and relaxation.

You can even book a private trip for you and your family or friends where the entire experience is literally catered to you and your group. This is a great way to put together a family reunion, a special celebration, or just a peaceful getaway.

Our trips are an easy day’s drive from Seattle, Portland, Bend, Spokane, or Salt Lake City. And Boise: we’re in your backyard! You’ll make lifelong family memories in one of the most impressively beautiful places on earth and never even have to go through an airport.

You won’t have to worry about cancelled flights or crowded places. In fact, a river trip in the open-air wilderness is one of the best places we can think of to be this summer.

If you live anywhere near the Northwest U.S., you have some of the greatest natural wonders in the world just a close drive away. Travel through the bottom of the deepest river-carved canyon in North America, Hells Canyon. Or float down one of the longest free-flowing rivers in the U.S., the Salmon River. People travel from all over the world to experience these rafting trips. You can do it with a convenient drive this summer!

A river rafting trip through Hells Canyon or on the Salmon River is a convenient drive from most major cities in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Montana.

Our Hells Canyon Snake River raft trips meet at Cambridge, Idaho.

Drive times to Cambridge, ID:

Boise, ID: 1.5 hours

Spokane, WA: 5.25 hours

Bend, OR: 5.5 hours

Portland, OR: 6.5 hours

Seattle, WA: 7.5 hours

Missoula, MT: 6 hours

Salt Lake City: 6.5 hours

Sacramento, CA: 9.5 hours

Our Salmon River raft trips meet in Lewiston, Idaho.

Drive times to Lewiston, ID:

Boise, ID: 5 hours

Spokane, WA: 1.75 hours

Bend, OR: 6.5 hours

Portland, OR: 6 hours

Seattle, WA: 5 hours

Missoula, MT: 4.25 hours

Sacramento, CA: 12 hours

On all of our river rafting trips, you can have your vehicle shuttled so that it is conveniently waiting for you at the end of the river trip. Doing this also allows you to skip riding in our shuttle back to your car. You’ll wrap up your trip and head home!

Give us a call today and we’ll help you work through the details. We know everything these days requires a few more questions, and we’re here to put you at ease. We love to help families leave behind the stress of daily life and have endless fun together. Whether you’re ready to launch on a summer adventure close to home this year, or you’re looking to confirm your spot on a future trip, we’re waiting to take your family on an immersive experience of a lifetime.



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