4 Surprising Things About Overnight River Trips

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When you’re considering an Idaho overnight whitewater rafting trip, you can do your research by reading through websites and reviews. A lot of the same information comes up, like trip logistics, whitewater rapids, activities on the trip, and how to pack. But some of the most important information can get lost in the mix.

In fact, there are a few things that may come as a surprise to you about an overnight rafting trip. We think that these pieces of information are actually vital to know when deciding where your next vacation will be. Check out these four surprising things about Hells Canyon Raft trips:

You Won’t Miss the WIFI

You can hardly do anything these days without WIFI, cell service and the internet.  That is, when you’re living ‘regular’ life. But there is a huge natural world out there that doesn’t rely for one second on WIFI. Once you’re on river time, it’s easy to forget WIFI even exists. The connections you make will instead be with loved ones, nature and yourself.

By the time your trip is over, you won’t remember what it was like to check your phone every few minutes or for your kids to be glued to a screen. Doesn’t it sound nice to break free of that addiction?

Instead, your attention will be captured by the people and places around you: watching the exhilaration and joy on your child’s face, spotting wildlife on the canyon walls, thrilling rides through whitewater, chatting riverside during dinner. Your senses will be filled with rich, three-dimensional elements that calm your brain and your nerves. In our opinion, staring at a campfire will always beat staring at a screen. We think you’ll feel the same way when you join us on the river.

The View From the Groover Is Always Good

It’s the part no one wants to ask about, but everyone wants to know: what’s the bathroom situation?

The “Groover” – the river name for the toilet – is set up in a private location at our riverside camps and only one person can access it at a time. It sounds crazy, but it’s far more enjoyable than you think it will be. It’s always located close to the river, so the view from the groover offers you a beautiful landscape. A fresh air bathroom experience might sound a bit intimidating but it’s supremely pleasurable! Your bathroom walls at home have nothing on the sights you have from a river groover.

The Food Is Top Notch

You’re going camping, so the food is bare bones, right? Maybe beans and hot dogs over the fire? Not with Hells Canyon Raft! The food is delicious, fresh, and homemade. You’ll get gourmet meals from appetizer to dessert, with every last detail thoughtfully planned, prepared and presented. We often include fresh veggies and herbs grown in our private HCR greenhouse in McCall or produce picked from Hells Canyon itself, such as blackberries or apricots.

As an extra bonus, food cooked by someone else always tastes better. You get to relax riverside, fish or play games while your meals are prepared. All you have to do is show up with your appetite when the meal is ready.

In the morning, coffee is on early and will greet you as you make your way out of your tent. Breakfast might be French Toast with local berries, bacon, fresh fruit, and juice. The lunch spread is mighty, with options such as fresh salads, sandwich fixings and always a sweet treat.

Dinner might start with an appetizer of brie and Idaho huckleberry jam, followed by pork medallions and local Hells Canyon apricot chutney. We prepare a dessert each night, usually in the Dutch oven, such as chocolate molten lava cake with fresh raspberries or pineapple upside-down cake.

You won’t go hungry, we promise.

Being Outside for Days Is Actually Pretty Easy

You’ll be surprised at how easily you adjust to living life outside. Spending multiple days with no roof over your head may sound a little challenging, but our well-planned trips make it fun and comfortable. On a guided trip, much of the work is done for you so your job is to enjoy the rhythm of river life. The amenities on an HCR trip create an experience closer to “glamping” than roughing it.

A few of our favorite parts of living the outdoor life are: sleeping in a tent on comfortable camping pads with the sound of the river lulling you to sleep, eating meals in a comfy camp chair with your bare feet in the sand, jumping in the river to cool down or take a ‘river bath,’ and watching the first morning light hit the towering canyon walls.

Of course, we take great care to help you protect yourself from the elements by hydrating, using sun protection and providing shade at camp.

A life lived outside is a good one indeed, if you ask us.

That’s just the start of all of the bonuses you might not think of when considering a rafting trip. For more pleasant surprises and trip perks, check out our Why Choose Hells Canyon Raft page.

There’s still time to book your next vacation!  There’s no place better to be than in nature right now. You can even book a private trip just for your group.

It’s also the perfect time to start planning for great things in the summers to come! Book your family adventure for next year and have something to look forward to. Check out the river trips we offer on the Snake River through Hells Canyon or on the Salmon River.


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