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 “I understand that everything is connected, that all roads meet, and that all rivers flow into the same sea.”  -Paolo Coelho

We hope this finds you safe and healthy and adjusting to a new “normal” as we all try our best to get through the rapids in front of us. It is an unprecedented time in history, and at times lately we feel like we’re navigating an unseen river without a map.

Through this shared experience, we are feeling connected to you all in our humanity. Few of us could have predicted our lives would look like they do today. We know that this pandemic is creating life-changing stresses for many. We honor those who continue to put themselves at risk for the good of our communities. Our hearts go out to those who are suffering from this virus, and most importantly, to those who have lost lives or loved ones to it.

We’re not sure what’s around each bend in the river right now. But one thing is certain: We are taking the COVID-19 outbreak very, very seriously.

At Hells Canyon Raft and within the Armacost family, one of our greatest core values is to take care of each other, which is why we’re staying home in self-isolation right now. We cannot encourage you strongly enough to do the same.

We are choosing to be part of the solution, even if it creates small hardships, and the quicker we all work together to solve this the faster it will be over, and we’ll all be enjoying the river life.

While we’re at home, we’re trying to keep things simple and be mindful of how we’re spending our time. Here is what we’re doing – even when things feel difficult – and we encourage you, in any way possible, to take care of yourself in a similar manner:

  • spending quality family time together
  • getting outside for adventures and sunshine every day
  • hugging each other and loved ones a lot, even if it’s a virtual hug
  • planting our garden and admiring the tiny, sprouting seeds
  • finding ways to laugh, especially at ourselves
  • engaging over technology with family, friends and employees
  • focusing on gratitude
  • finding a schedule that works for everyone while continuing to adjust and be flexible
  • feeling thankful for all of the bookings that have come into our office recently
  • getting ready for our Hells Canyon Raft river season

Over and over, we see that being outside offers us rejuvenation, therapy, reflection and connection. And it seems many of you have the same idea, considering the number of trip reservations we’ve gotten the last couple weeks!

We want to thank so many of you who have booked trips with us recently. It means the world to us that in these difficult times you are looking to a Hells Canyon Raft trip to brighten your days. You may be at home, but you still have every reason to dream about and plan for your next adventure. In fact, it’s the perfect time to do so!

We are structuring our cancellation policies around COVID-19 so you can feel 100% secure in making your plans now for the adventure of a lifetime. Currently, we are planning to run all 2020 trips. But if you book a trip and official restrictions do not allow us to run the trip or do not allow you to travel to us, you can use your full trip credit for an additional year through the 2021 season. Please read our full message on COVID 19 to get details on our plans and procedures for trips and our cancellation policy around coronavirus.

We don’t know exactly what the coming months will bring but being out in the wilderness and open air this summer, fully immersed in nature, might be just what you need. Consider setting up a private river trip with your own group of family and friends. This could be the perfect way to have a little extra peace of mind about your summer travel plans.

Your bookings also help sustain us in an unsure time. As a small, family-operated company, each and every one of our guest reservations are vital to us. The reservations that typically come in at this time of year allow outfitters to survive financially – and in turn support our local economy as well. We have a staff of 25 employees who loyally dedicate half of each year to us. They are like family and we are being very mindful of how to take care of them in the present environment. Let’s all be hopeful for a time when it’s safer to travel.   Please, keep dreaming.

Part of the responsibility of running commercial river trips is that we always have our guests’ health in our hands. There hasn’t been a moment in the history of this company that priority wasn’t taken seriously, long before COVID-19. From safety on the river to food preparation to staying well in the elements, we have your well-being in mind on every aspect of our trips. And going forward this will not change. We will be constantly evaluating the national coronavirus situation and once we are running trips, we will take extra precautions to go above and beyond guidelines to keep you safe.

We look forward to summer days of whitewater and white sand with you. In the meantime, we wish you a healthy, peaceful, and safe time in your own self-quarantine.  May you be well.


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