Top 10 Reasons To Take Your Family Rafting

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1. Unplug – whether it’s from you cell phone, tablet, or just life in general. No internet service, no shuttling kids to their next activity.

2. We take care of the schedule. What are we going to do today? No need to figure out where to have dinner, and what activity to do on this vacation.

3. Something for everyone and all ages. We take kids and kids at heart that are 5 to 95 years old. Everyone can participate at their own level. Want more excitement; try your hand at the inflatable kayaks. Looking for the easy ride; kick back and relax on an oar boat where the guide easily navigates the river.

4. Hells Canyon is the Deepest Canyon in North America. Enough Said.

5. Hells Canyon is the home of over 106 different species of birds. Wake to the song of a canyon wren, or watch a bald eagle circling in the wind.

6. Take a hike. Each day we take short hikes to old homesteads or ancient pictographs; all with their own story. Some days we lead longer hikes to scenic vistas. There is also opportunity to hike from camp.

7. Whitewater, it’s exciting, wet, and fun without being scary.

8. Create memories that last a lifetime. Time and time again we hear our trips described as “The trip of a lifetime”, or “The best vacation we ever took”

9. Catch a fish. We bring everything for you to catch the big one. Our professional guides will show you the best spots to catch trout, small mouth bass, and sturgeon which can reach 10 feet in length.

10. Not a normal vacation. A river trip allows you to reconnect with your family, friends, nature, and helps you discover what is truly magical on this blue planet.


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