The Hells Canyon Raft Fleet

Rapids should be respected, not feared. That’s why we offer different styles of craft. Throughout the trip you are invited to choose your level of activity, and try all the different boats. Secure handholds, life jackets, and plenty of advance preparation ensure a fun experience. All boats are self-bailing, which means you never touch a bail bucket, unless it’s for a water fight.

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Oar Rafts

The most stable and comfortable place to kick back, relax and fish. Take pictures and enjoy the scenery, 16′-18′ in length, controlled by your guide, with two large oars. All you need to do is hold on.

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Paddle Boats

Participate in the action; teamwork and fun are key elements of paddle rafting. Each person is armed with a paddle in hand, and coached by the guide, who helps to navigate the rapids.

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Inflatable Kayaks

Even with no prior experience, our one or two person watercraft will allow you to enjoy the thrill of river kayaking within minutes of putting on your life jacket. There are sections of the river that are difficult for the more experienced, and easy stretches for the more timid, or kids. When you are ready, return back to an oar boat, stretch out in the sun and relax.

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Supply Boat

Each day our supply boat packs up the camp gear, river bags, and extra ice chests and moves down the river ahead of us. This allows for uncluttered guest boats, and longer days on the river. At the end of the day when you arrive in camp, your tent is pitched, and the camp is ready to move into for the evening.